What are we missing out?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by too many possible alternatives and I get stuck. Yep. All of a sudden, there I am, paralyzed with indecision and my mind frozen in time. Should I go right? Should I go left? And if I go left, will I be missing out something greater on the right?

According to Ohsawa, ‘Clarity in Thinking & Doing’ is a condition of Good Health. Am I getting sick? Deep breath woman!

My brain (& unfortunately yours too) is wired to make the best thinkable decision and so, I get trapped into trying to evaluate the consequences of each of the potential choices, analyze the severity of them, assess how to balance the risk and so, I am ‘safe’. I love my brain but … This is an incredibly painful task!

What was I really missing out?

My heartbeats. There you are!

(logic ‘alone’ rarely leads to happiness)

Yep. The problem of this surfeit of thoughts can be resolved by awareness, focusing, being fully present, connecting with ourselves: mindfulness. Do not deny your feelings!

Next time you are faced with a choice, ask yourself: ‘How does it make me feel?

& take the decision into your body. Follow your heart (but use your brain too please).

¸ღ¸ Slow down. Take a look around. Breathe!

Accept. Trust. Let Go. Live! ¸ღ¸

Although promptness can be seen as healthy in the world we live, moving slow gives us the opportunity to be present and happiness comes from being present, which is inherent in us and our true nature.

However, it will be more available if we practice it daily. For this task, never forget that:

¸ღ¸ Everything is hard before it is easy – Goethe ¸ღ¸

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