Bucket List 2018

39 things to do before I turn 40!

My Dear Beautiful Strong Woman …. it happened: You turned 39.

I was expressing my gratitude for all the beautiful experiences that have happened to me this past year & I got excited. How fortunate & blessed I am (& how easy is for me to get excited). Daydreaming followed … & here I am, writting again to you. I decided to share what my year ahead may look like: ‘you are whatever you envision yourself to be’. So, let’s dream high.

Here is my #39bucketlist :

  1. spend more time with the people that matter
  2. get in the best shape of my life
  3. full moon dune bashing in the desert (I believe in the effects of the moon)
  4. splurge on a meal at 1 of the top10 restaurants in Dubai (it sounded yummy)
  5. learn 5 good wine & vegan cheese pairings
  6. learn how to make vegan cheese
  7. go on a spiritual journey
  8. get my Advanced Open Water PADI certification
  9. quit my book club
  10. sleep outdoors under the stars at a glamping accommodation
  11. write letters to the 5 people who have most impacted my life
  12. make amends with all my ‘enemies’
  13. find a mentee & a mentor (any volunteers?)
  14. enroll in a cooking class (plant-based, whole-food, exotic, raw food)
  15. improve my blog  www.thelulutales.com
  16. fall in love (ha ha ha ha)
  17. learn how to knit
  18. forget how to knit
  19. sing at a karaoke
  20. float in the Dead Sea
  21. improve my concentration & mental skills
  22. see the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia
  23. have a signature dish
  24. do an unassisted pull-up (I will be proud of myself with just one)
  25. go 24 hours without technology (bye bye)
  26. watch the sunset on a beach in Zanzibar
  27. think one positive thought every day before I get out of bed (This a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before)
  28. fill a ‘Thank You’ Jar before I go to bed – with handwritten notes of appreciation
  29. challenge myself to complete something that seems impossible to me (5k run)
  30. play a round of golf
  31. do something good for 6 people who doesn’t know who I am
  32. dive in the Egyptian Red Sea
  33. visit 5 B’s: Bali, Burma, Bahrain, Bahir Dar, Baku (do you wanna join me?)
  34. replace my coffee with ginger tea once a week (that’s gonna be tough)
  35. bake bread from scratch
  36. write down my fears & tackle at least 3 (fear is just an illusion)
  37. teach a class (what am I good at?)
  38. throw out any t-shirts with logos on them (let’s get stylish)
  39. write a letter to myself (to be read in 10 years)

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