The Lulu Tales is a blog written by Lucia (known as Lu or Lulu).

I grew up in Valencia and somehow found myself traveling the world and once you leave your birthplace, nothing is ever the same. I have lived in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and currently Dubai and so, I have experienced a real taste of Europe, Middle East & Far East, which did inspire my cuisine.

¸ღ¸ Splendid to arrive alone in a foreign country & feel the assault of the difference ¸ღ¸

Vegan for 20 years now (some people still question if I am really Spanish). I started macrobiotics in 2005 & since then, I have been practicing the non-credo.

I am passionate about life & I want to share my passion with you. Look forward to inspire you through my food!

¸ღ¸ what you hold on to, you will lose; what you give away, it is yours forever¸ღ¸